a little about each of us...

Ann Lev

Ann founded PBSI over 35 years ago to help elders who wanted/needed a professional to help maintain their quality of life and financial health.

Maria Peterson

Maria has been a dedicated advocate for seniors for over 30 years, as LPN, Certified Guardian and Fiduciary.    Her breadth of skills and listening ability are true gifts.

Leah Shafer

Leah joined PBSI over 15 years ago and has helped many elders, families and caregivers achieve an improved quality of life.

Leslie Robinson

Leslie does all the work in the office that makes PBSI run effectively.  Hers is often the voice you'll hear when you call our office. She'll help you get your need met.

Dee Cashen

Dee has an accounting degree and an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry.  She came to love working with seniors and Dee is now ready to help with financial and health problems with a passion that is only exceeded by her energy.

Kathleen Morgan

Kathleen's background as a pediatric nurse has provided PBSI with a great resource as elder's bodies are very similar in many ways.

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